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Božena Němcová Town Library in Domažlice (library) is a public library with a universal book stock.

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The name of the well-known Czech writer of 19th century Božena Němcová is connected with our library. Božena Němcová lived in Domažlice in 1845-1847 when the first reading club “Slavonic Lime“ arose, the aim of which was to “exercise the use of the Czech mother tongue“. The writer was one of the founding members and she also helped its development with her personal book choice, she organized meetings of women and girls, literary academies and concerts.

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Books and magazines are lent free of charge.

The registration fee per year is 100.00 CZK for adults, 50.00 CZK for students, pensioners, women on maternity leave and unemployed and 30.00 CZK for children of less than 15 years of age.

The library is open to public and all people interested can use its service. It is necessary to check in as a reader only for borrowing documents home.

Working Hours

Adults and Music Section
Monday9:00 - 12:0013:00 - 18:00
Wednesday9:00 - 12:0013:00 - 18:00
Thursdayclosed13:00 - 16:30
Friday9:00 - 12:0013:00 - 16:30
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The library is devided into sections for adults, a reading-room, for children and young people, for special service and an Internet study.

Classification Section amends and processes the book stock, Library Sevice Section helps other libraries in the region, Economic Section cares for economic issues. A manager is the head of the library, appointed and withdrawn by the Town Council.


Readers and visitors of our library have our Internet study with seven computers at their disposal. The access is open to public, it means that tourists and town visitors can use the Internet here too. The Internet study is equipped with printers, a scanner and a Xerox machine. Users can also save the necessary information on a floppy disc. The first five minutes of computer use are free of charge, then users pay 1.00 CZK for 1 minute on-line. If computers are used to write texts only, you are charged 10.00 CZK per hour.

Regional Literature and Databases

A separate stock of regional literature has been created since 1976, containing nearly 1 400 books that have some relation to the Chod region. Guide-books through the Chod region published at the turn of 20th century are among the oldest. Part of the stock is also the so called “Golden Stock“ with printed matters of 2nd half of 19th century. Regional newpapers and bulletins have been filed in this section since 1975.

The reading-room serves to study these materials, the stock of this section can be borrowed just o the spot and serves mainly to historians, researchers and students to elaborate their colloquiums and dissertations.

Visitors have printed catalogues and card files of geography and personalities at disposal. Regional personalities database, regional events database, articles database from regional press, newspapers Domažlicko, Domažlický deník, Domažlický zpravodaj and the local bulletins, are at disposal in their electronic version through our on-line catalogue and website.

Educational and Cultural Activities

Children Section regularly organizes events for children from nursery and basic schools, after-school centers, private schools and special schools. Children get to know new books, service provided by this section and they are educated to have basic knowledge in information science and IT. About 120 events are organized a year.

Special Service Section organizes classes in information science and IT and lectures on region databases for the pupils of secondary schools in the town.

A workshop in basic Internet knowledge and skills is organized in the Internet study each month.

Lectures and meetings with writes on their books, with university professors on literature and regional topics and with travellers on their journeys in exotic countries are organized for adults.

The library collaborates with local cultural and educational organisations – Bros Špillar Gallery, Children and Young People House, Czech Christian Academy etc.

We regularly participate in national events organized by public libraries – March – the month of Internet, Libraries Week, Night with Andersen, Non-stop Reading, inquiry My Book. About 150 events for public are organized each year.

The public show great interest in the regularly modified exhibitions in the library hall. Both, well-known painters and photographers and beginning artists, collectors and children from nursery and basic schools show their work to public here.


Městská knihovna Boženy Němcové Domažlice

Pivovarská 10

344 58 Domažlice

IČ. 48344117

telefon: +420 775 232 086

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